About me - Harald Lechner

May I introduce myself

I'm Harald Lechner, husband, father, paramedic and amateur photographer and just a few breaths away from my 40s.

I was born in the beautiful Val Pusteria - South Tyrol, so it is hardly surprising that I am a true village boy!

Already in my childhood and in my youth I spended most of my time outdoors. Everytime  I found peace there and drew strength.

 I love the colors of the changing seasons that you can experience in  Val Pusteria in a particularly impressive way. The lush green of spring, the variety of flowers and the picturesque mountains of summer, the clear starry sky of autumn and the all-pervading white of winter!

For nothing in the world I want to miss all this!

In recent years, I have also discovered traveling for me, I find the Far East, Bali or even India particularly fascinating. The variety of colors and the culture of the people there is unique!

To observe people and to capture moments is for me rest and relaxation, to focus on a few things and to capture them in a photo is for me absolute shutdown, while I forget everything around me, and that's why I love the photography !

My pics...

 Most of my photos are taken in nature around my hometown, as  Plan de Corones, in the Dolomites, but also during my travels to India, at my work or just during a hike or a walk.


Rare, unique scenes and moments, seen through casual presence and captured by a snapshot with the camera ... that's my goal!